About Us

The Sanctuary in Delray Beach is a place where men can leave the isolation of chemical dependency and begin living one day at a time with others who seek a more meaning and fulfilling way of life. The Sanctuary delivers the finest in sober living experiences, providing our residents with the skills necessary to maintain sobriety so that they may reach their highest potential. Our mission is to provide an aesthetically pleasing, structured, sober living environment which is steeped in the Twelve Step principles and fosters a healthy, self-disciplined lifestyle.

The Sanctuary is located approximately a half-mile south of serene, Downtown Delray Beach, Florida which boasts a wealth of Twelve Step meetings and other resources critical to those in early recovery from active addiction. Our men’s campus consists of three residences. All houses have a minimum of one single bedroom and all others are limited to two residents per room. Our homes are accented with white picket fences, lush landscapes and comfortable pool and patio spaces to provide a serene and elegant living environment. The 3 mens home are “connected” by a beautiful backyard our campus is designed for safety with security cameras, lighted pathways, security lighting.