Our Philosophy

The Sanctuary in Delray Beach is a place where men can leave the isolation of chemical dependency and begin living one day at a time with others who are seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Our mission is to provide transitional living for our clients in an environment steeped in Twelve Step principles which is aesthetically pleasing and fosters a healthy, self-disciplined, and meaningful life.

We believe that the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous map the journey to recovery from the disease of chemical dependency that works best for most people and that lack of involvement in Twelve Step meetings is the common denominator among those who are unsuccessful and who relapse.

At the Sanctuary we believe that early recovery doesn’t need to be painful. We understand that when a man  finishes primary treatment for their addiction, they aren’t necessarily willing to enter a halfway house. They may have just come to terms with the considerable social stigma associated with alcoholism and drug addiction. Nevertheless, continued structure and close support are critical to their success and overall well being. The Sanctuary can be a solution for men who are suffering from chemical dependency.