For Men

We provide housing for men in three residences which are situated next door to one another and connected by a lush sculptured hedge and walkway. At the Sanctuary, we believe in balancing a structured, focused sober living environment with one that instills and embraces the joys of living sober.

At the men’s residence, along with providing a spacious indoor living environment at each house where residents can congregate, the men’s campus boasts recreational amenities such as an outdoor patio, pool, a recreational (non-gambling) billiards table and ping pong table. At one of the houses, we subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket so residents may support their home teams during football season. Also, every Sunday evening, the men share a potluck dinner after which one of the residents shares his personal story of addiction and recovery. Such activities are intended to foster an atmosphere where men of all ages can form meaningful connections to help them remain grounded in the Twelve Step recovery process.

The Sanctuary also provides the male residents with monthly recreational group outings as well as off-site educational group sessions facilitated by male licensed therapists and life skills coaches.