Resident Expectations

    • All residents must maintain complete and continuous abstinence from alcohol and all other mood altering chemicals while residing at the Sanctuary. Random drug screens can and will be given. Residents will be drug tested at any time that their abstinence is in question during the course of their stay.


    • Residents are expected to be active in the Twelve Step recovery process and to attend Twelve Step meetings on a daily basis.


    • Residents must respect the confidentiality of other clients as well as the privacy of the Sanctuary.


    • All Sanctuary residents are expected to obtain a Twelve Step sponsor within the first two weeks of their stay and to continuously have, and use, a sponsor throughout the entire course of their stay.


    • Without exception, residents are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect.


    • All residents are expected to refrain from going to bars, nightclubs, or places fitting a similar description.


    • All clients are expected to work, volunteer, or further their education while residing at the Sanctuary and must begin doing so within the first two weeks of their stay. Those who opt to volunteer are required to do so for a minimum of 20 hours every week.


    • All Sanctuary residents must attend all weekly group meetings and are expected to participate in all other Sanctuary community functions.


    • All residents are expected to participate in the weekly community clean-up and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves on an ongoing basis. Residents are expected to make their own bed every day and to keep their personal space neat and clean.


    • Residents on new client status are expected to keep Sanctuary staff informed of their whereabouts by signing in and out of the resident log and through verbal communication.


  • All residents are expected to abide by the curfew associated with their phase of residency at the Sanctuary.