10 Reasons To Go To A Recovery Residence

1. Learn how to gain control of your life.

2. Less structure then addiction treatment but still some structure. A great stepping stone back into the real world.

3. Being with others suffering from substance abuse who are going through similar issues.

4. Live in a safe place while you can build a strong foundation for long-lasting sobriety.

5. Come home to a drug and alcohol free environment. There is enough temptation every day that you don’t need to come home to it.

6. Learn how to relax and unwind without the use of drugs and alcohol.

7. A recovery residence has 24/7 staffing in case any pressing matters arise. You never know when a craving will come and you need to talk to someone.

8. Research shows going to a recovery residence after addiction treatment increases the likelihood of long term sobriety being achieved.

9. While there are not nearly as many groups as in addiction treatment, quality recovery residences have processing groups with their clients. It’s a great venue to feel free to speak openly and honestly about any problems or distractions an individual may be having.

10. The weather and environment that comes with going to a recovery residence in Delray Beach, Florida is great. There is something to be said about making healthy lifestyle changes in beautiful weather.


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