10 Things To Look For When Choosing a Recovery Residence In South Florida

One of the most important contributions to recovery is the continuum of care offered after treatment in the form of an extended stay in a recovery residence.

In treatment, a person receives education, and begins the journey of recovery.  The ideal next step is living in a supportive environment with others seeking a more meaningful way of life..  A recovery residence should offer structure, accountability and become the foundation for the person’s life in recovery.  In the continuum of care, the longer one can engage in a sober lifestyle with support, such as a recovery residence, the chances of success is greater.

Families often ask what they should be looking for when deciding on a sober home for their loved one.  It is suggested that you look at the following;

  • Safety; is the home monitored 24/7 ,is someone living on site, or is it peer run (a senior resident may be put in charge of the home) or is there staff.
  • Have there been complaints made about the recovery residence (police calls, how many)
  • Has the recovery residence met standards and have trained staff and have a distinct level of care (for example  , go to narronline.com or for the state of Florida go farronline.org  ?
  • Is it a gender specific  or co-ed?
  • Does the Recovery Residence have strong community ties?
  • Ask questions – don’t believe all the photos you see on a website – how long have they been operating, is the staff trained, what is their policy on relapse (ie; do they make provisions for this, or are they “put out on the street”
  • If at all possible visit the residence before making a commitment.  If not, ask the treatment center if they are recommending it have they seen the residence?
  • How many residents reside in the recovery residence? How much personal attention will you or a loved one receive?
  • What are the rules of the recovery residence and what does their staff do to enforce them.
  • In the event a resident relapses, how does the recovery residence handle it.

There are many recovery residences.  Some are wonderful and create an atmosphere of love and support , others are not .  .  Whether it is for you, or your loved one, do your homework.


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