5 things to avoid when looking for a recovery residence

  1. Lack of drug testing- if the recovery residence you are thinking about moving into does not do random drug screens on a frequent basis- I suggest looking at somewhere that does! Accountability is very important in early sobriety.
  2. 12 step based program- a recovery residence that encourages a resident to work a 12 step program, get a sponsor and attend meetings is much more likely to have a higher success rate among those that don’t suggest these things.
  3. Insurance – Unfortunately there are individuals who are in the recovery industry and who do not have the best motives. It is becoming more common for some recovery resident owners to bill your insurance company for drug tests that are administered or for the monthly charge it costs to reside at the recovery residence. If a recovery residence bills your insurance for drug tests OR your stay it is a safe bet that you should continue your search for the right recovery residence.
  4. Co ed facilities- whether you are male or female, you should try and find a recovery residence that houses only your sex. We are inclined to go outside of ourselves in early sobriety and living within close quarters to the opposite sex can be a very big distraction.
  5. Last but not least- community meetings- it is very important that your recovery residence holds a community gathering on a weekly basis. This is an opportunity for all residents to sit and discuss issues, be supportive of one another and come together as a household to solve whatever problems that may arise.

**When searching for a recovery residence many have found it helpful to read about FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residence) at www.farronline.org. FARR sets the industry standards in Florida. Recovery Residences that oblige to these higher standards have a FARR logo displayed on their website.


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