A Clients Sister Testimonial

“When my brother enrolled into an addiction treatment program, I felt huge sense of relief. As long as he stayed in the “program,” I felt like I no longer needed to worry about where he was and what he was doing. It was a safe place for him – at least for a while. Thankfully, he truly took advantage of every avenue offered to him as a healing process when he was in addition treatment. From morning until evening, he was healing and developing back into the brother I once knew.
However, once he completed his addiction completion program, he had to re-enter the “real world.” For me, this was a time of increased anxiety. I worried about how easy it would be for him to continue using and to fall back into his old ways. Thankfully, he took the advice of a counselor at the addiction treatment program and moved into a half-way house. I learned that the 30, 60 or 90 day treatment that individuals suffering from addiction go through, no matter how engaged they are, just is not enough. It takes an individual a long time to get to the point that they finally enter treatment. Clearly, a stint in rehab helps that individual move forward in the healing process. But it does not completely fix the problem. Individuals must learn to re-enter the regular society. Unfortunately, this means a society that contains drugs and alcohol – the same temptations that brough them to addiction treatment in the first place.
For my brother and I am certain for others, a half-way house provides a necessary avenue to re-enter society. Though rules, schedule, and responsibilities may seem elementary to someone who does not have an addiction, it is those rules, schedule and responsibilities that were lost when a loved one travels deep into the road of addiction. I learned this was tool for him to use to re-learn how to live a normal life. Addiction takes away your loved ones most basic persona – and a half way house helps to bring back the individual as a whole. While addiction treatment programs “cleaned” my brother, he needed to start the rebuilding process in a half-way house in order to truly stay “clean.” It is another tool, I am thankful to say, that my brother took full advantage of (even when he thought things they were telling him to do were stupid). Five years later, I love my brother for the person he has returned to – the sober individual I knew growing up.”

~Family Member


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