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Nancy K. Steiner, RN
Founder and Executive Officer of The Sanctuary in Delray Beach

For over 25 years as a Registered Nurse, Nancy has devoted her professional career to mental health and substance abuse treatment. She has extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, developing detox programs, clinical program outreach, and case management of clients.

What is the history of your involvement with the The Sancuary at Delray and the Crossroads Guitar Festival?

“I’m a Registered Nurse and have been in the field of addiction for 35 years. I have run addiction centers, worked in clinical outreach, and have also been a detox nurse. I have been involved in almost every aspect of recovery at some point. I have also worked at the three previous Crossroads Guitar Festivals.

“I am executive director of the Sanctuary, a continuation of care in the United States. I started the Sanctuary in 2005. I had left Crossroads to do that because I felt it was extremely important that there was continuing care for, not only Crossroads clients, but for clients everywhere.  After treatment it very important part, because it’s where people learn how to live in recovery. It’s a very frustrating, challenging, and wonderful time for people to discover what it’s like to be in recovery.  They live in a sequestered environment treatment no matter where they have gone. The have a certain schedule, they have the education, but now they have to learn to get planted and learn to grow in recovery. I felt that from a clinical standpoint this was really important.  In 2003, I went to work for Crossroads as the clinical outreach representative here in the United States. I worked with families and helped people get into treatment at Crossroads, but I felt after care was very important, so I left Crossroads to pursue this.”

“When we first opened, we were a men’s only program. The first stage we could accommodate 10 men and later 15. After two years, I came back to Crossroads as Executive Officer for The Sanctuary after the foundation purchased the property. I was able to guide the program and build capacity. We started our Women’s program about 5 years ago. I worked on outreach, and we took people in from all over the country and the world who had completed treatment and who wanted to stay in the Del Ray Beach area as it is a large recovery community. It has grown since. We now have 7 beds for women as well as a gender specific staff for women and men. We doubled our program but in a different capacity. To reach out to our community as good neighbors, we adopted and maintain a local park, which helps our men and women learn life skills.”

“We are honored to be a part of the Crossroads Foundation, but also strive to honor the structure and accountability for clients that to come us from other recovery centers. They come with a plan and that’s what we follow through with. Our Clients stay with us on average from 3-6 months. Our longest client stayed two years. Our professional behavior is very important, because we represent Crossroads even if the clients are coming from another treatment center and that has always been our goal and our passion is be sure people have that opportunity and the structure that they need.”

Crossroads Guitar Festival is an amazing music event, but it is important to know why it happens

“The scholarships that are available because of funding from the foundation help people access treatment, and that’s the most important part.  We offer hope for a better life. Treatment is the first step and the Sanctuary is the transition into recovery with life skills and a stable life.

The Sanctuary becomes that continuum after the fact. I get people who can’t make a bed or do laundry or go shopping sober, and so our job is to give them that and find out that there can be a lot of joy in recovery.  When you tell a 21 year old, “Here’s your life.” And they say, “Are you kidding me?”  We have to be able to show them that they can have fun and they can be sober and that’s a skill.”

“Being invited to a wedding of a graduate from 5 or 6 years ago, I mean that’s the joy right there.  We get involved with the families, re-establishing them in their home environments. It’s a proven fact the longer you can keep someone in that continuative care, the more successful their recovery.”

By donating to the Crossroads Centre, you can help someone begin treatment or continue recovery http://crossroadsantigua.org/donate/


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