A Grateful Sanctuary Alumni Gives Praise to “A One Coaching” and Laura Kelley

Roughly 3.5 years ago, I was residing at the Sanctuary as a talented, professionally accomplished, headstrong woman trapped in the broken mind, body, and soul of anyone with but 1 month of sobriety. There I was, desperately needing to mend the inner and outer linings of my life which had been ravaged and ripped apart by over a decade of substance abuse. The problem was that I found I had not a single clue where nor how to start the mending process. For the first time in my life, I was stifled by a task – and that task just so happened to be the reparation of my own life.

In August 2010, the staff at the Sanctuary suggested I meet individually with Laura Kelley, a professional recovery and life coach, and one of the group session facilitators at the Sanctuary. I respected and liked her immediately as someone who embodies a unique combination of being both a rational realist and a spiritual guide. It was then that I recognized that having Laura as my life coach could supplement my growth in recovery by adding guidance to areas of my life which still necessitated ongoing attention. As my life coach for over 3 years (and counting), she has guided me on matters pertaining to career, family issues, relationships, education, relocation, health, and spirituality. This guidance has been instrumental to placing and keeping me on a stable forward-moving path to personal growth in recovery.

Currently, I am 3.5 years sober, healthy, happy, actively engaged in AA, and anticipating completion of a Master of Social Work program with academic honors. I have an outlook on life that is hopeful, confident, self-loving, and forward-looking. I state with certainty that I would not be the woman I am today if it were not for the guidance of my life coach, Laura Kelley. I am forever grateful to her and the Sanctuary.


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