A Parents National Recovery Month Testimonial

It is with great honor that I am writing this short testimonial in honor of my son’s recovery. As many people know, recovery the first time after drug rehab is often times short lived. However, my son went to addiction treatment one time five and one half years ago and has been sober ever since. He was at a treatment center for one month and then went to The Sanctuary for several months. At the treatment center he became clean. However it was at the Sanctuary, he learned how to live a good, honest, clean and productive life. It is there that the old values he once had returned. The Sanctuary helped him learn how to cope with problems as he had people to identify with. The staff was there for him 24/7 and truly cared about him and his recovery. I see the growth in him in so many ways. He is an outstanding man, honest, hard working, trustworthy, and has the highest values. He continues to climb the ladder of success and I know he will continue to do so. He is not only the man he once was but is a better individual because of his addiction and recovery process. My son is determined and driven and is using all of the skills he has learned at the Sanctuary to live each day of his life.

I am so fortunate to have my son and treasure him always.

Best Wishes to all,
A proud parent of a Sanctuary Alumni


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