Recovering from addiction

Umbrellas-ChairsRecovering from addiction can be done anywhere in the country, but there are many advantages to leaving your home state and going to a sober living house in Florida. Escaping your normal environments to attend a Florida sober house to rebuild a life can help you avoid triggers, relieve stress, and relax as you undergo the slow, methodical and guided transition into what hopes to be a long and promising recovery.

Familiar environments are comforting to most addicts, but they are also full of triggers. A trigger is anything that makes a person feel the urge to use again. Going to a different state to recover from addiction may allow you to avoid many of these negative influences and focus more intensely on your recovery and personal growth.

According to an article in the New York Times (November 16, 2007 by Jane Gross), “Delray Beach, a funky outpost of sobriety between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, is the epicenter of the country’s largest and most vibrant recovery community, with scores of halfway houses, more than 5,000 people at 12-step meetings each week, recovery radio shows, a recovery motorcycle club and a coffeehouse that boasts its own therapy group.”

The state of Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches, ocean and year round sunshine. It is also known for those who like to party, whether they are on vacation, Spring Break, or reside there. Don’t lose your focus and wind up at some Tiki Bar on the Beach drinking Pina Coladas and singing Jimmy Buffetsongs.

Just remember that vacationing in Florida is not the same as going there to recover from drug addiction and/or alcohol abuse. Celebrate your sobriety by taking in a beautiful sunrise or sunset beach meeting instead!! Remember Recovery is AMAZING, so welcome and enjoy your stay!!!



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