Alumni Testimonial for September’s National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month. To acknowledge it the Sanctuary will be posting blogs throughout the month from its alumni, current residents and family and friends of past and current Sanctuary residents explaining what recovery from addiction has meant to them. Some of the blogs will not have names attached to them in order to keep the writers anonymity.

“Sobriety has provided me a life that I never thought was possible. Prior to
my recovery, however, I would have never been able to utter these words. An
incapacitating addiction ruled my life and colored my world with desperation and

I spent much of my life believing that the problem was the solution. I had everything
backwards. My solution was robbing me of my life. Until my recovery, my life solely
consisted of consuming substances; it was simply a way of living. My days consisted
of chasing the perfect recipe of substances—always searching for an escape from
the reality of life. Fueled by an insatiable addiction, I slowly became a victim of my
own creation and found myself without any recourse. I knew that I need help but
could not find the strength to do anything about it.

With a twinge of willingness, I sought help for my addiction. The road to recovery
has not been an easy one, but has provided me with a second chance at life—a life
that I never new possible. Over the course of my recovery, I have graduated from
college, assumed a leadership position in my family, and witnessed many miracles.
Instead of being a drag on the family, I am now—through the grace of God—able
to be available for my friends and family. My life is full of opportunity and, most
importantly, a sense of well being. Ironically enough, I found that the solution was
with me all along. It is in us all, we simply need to look every once and a while.”

Sanctuary Alumni


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