Avoiding Relapse in Sober Living Halfway Houses

My decision to continue living under provided structure and supervision after my time spent in addiction treatment was not an easy decision to come to. I felt like I made an achievement simply completing my time in drug rehab but one question I kept asking myself was, “Could I really trust myself in the real world after just 28 days of sobriety?” Furthermore, I had to ask myself whether or not I would have been able to achieve the 28 days of sobriety without the hour by hour structure and guidance that addiction treatment provides to its clients. After some lengthy discussions with my therapist in treatment, we came to the conclusion that my best chance of gaining long- term sobriety would be through sober living in halfway houses.

During my journey in recovery from drugs and alcohol, I have come to learn that getting sober is a one step at a time process. For me, the first step was to clear my head from the years of alcohol and drug abuse that was endured. The second step was to learn how to function in everyday life. I know no better way to do that then through sober living in halfway houses. The lifestyle of sober living in halfway houses forces its clients to hold themselves accountable through abiding to rules such as random drug screenings, house meetings, job duties, meeting with resident managers, going to twelve step meetings, holding down a job… To leave addiction treatment and going to live on your own or back to one’s family could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Sober living in halfway houses does not provide the hour to hour structure that treatment does. However, it does offer just enough structure which is a nice middle ground between treatment and the “real world.” One can’t walk before they learn to crawl, and one can’t run before they learn to walk. While treatment is essential to get sober, many who were able to get sober and stay sober from the disease of addiction, including myself, accredit learning how to live without chemicals through their time spent in sober living in halfway houses.


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