C.R.O.S Ministries shows appreciation for the Sanctuary’s services

For the past several years, the Sanctuary has been volunteering at C.R.O.S Ministries, which is a wonderful Christian organization that helps the community in many ways.  EveryThursday, the Sanctuary residents volunteer three to four hours sorting canned foods.  The food that they meticulously sort is being prepared to be delivered to soup kitchens.  The residents  go through hundreds and hundreds of canned food items each Thursday,  placing them in labeled boxes before hauling all the packaged food into large storage units.  After years of service, the Sanctuary was thrilled to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from C.R.O.S Ministries.  We love the work we do for them because we believe strongly in giving back to the community.  It truly is a great cause and we will continue serving C.R.O.S Ministries for as long as they need us.


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