Clients Father Feels the Sanctuary Was The Next Best Step After Addiction Treatment

Upon our son completing his residential treatment it was suggested we look into the Sanctuary in Delray Beach. While the Sanctuary may be more expensive than some alternatives our experience there confirms that it was well worth the cost.

The Sanctuary is a firm but not harsh environment, with a caring staff ready, willing, and able to take every reasonable step to keep their residents charges on track. They certainly have those ‘regulations’ I referenced above yet conduct it all in a positive and even motivating way. Specifically, while they monitor their clients’ activities they are respectful and not intrusive. They make sure all their residents do have either work or supervised, measurable voluntary activities–every day.

They get to know their clients individually and, within reason, tailor a customized program for each. Their facilities are clean, comfortable if not luxurious, and convey no external aura of an institutional setting.

Nancy Steiner herself is a wonderful professional and a lovely, upbeat personality. When we asked her to arrange transportation for our relative from Delray to catch a plane at Miami Airport—she personally drove him to Miami. Clearly, this, and so many other things, indicated Sanctuary is as much about a Mission as a business.

In conclusion, as I noted at the start—at a transitional pivot point when a individual in early recovery is leaving the protective shell of residential treatment and ready for steady steps into independence, in Sanctuary there exists an ideal support system, hence this very strong recommendation to you.

The Sanctuary was the optimal next step after inpatient treatment and since then, knock on wood, everything has progressed beautifully.

Thanks for everything you have done,
Father of Alexander P


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