Crossroads Lynn McKnight Comments on the Importance of Addiction Treatment on CNN

Lynn McKnight’s excerpt from CNN’s article about Charlie Sheen’s Addiction Relapse.

The group environment “provides an opportunity for caring confrontation from peers and the knowledge that others can understand what they are going through rather than experiencing the shame of isolation,” said Lynn McKnight, manager of clinical services at Crossroads Centre, a rehab facility in Antigua started by musician Eric Clapton, who himself struggled with drugs.

“Research shows that ongoing recovery is most successful with long-term connections to community, self-help groups and appropriate medical management,” she said.

She has seen people who’ve repeatedly gone through the revolving door of detox and rehab, with seemingly no hope. But some turn over a new leaf after multiple tries.

“What makes the difference?” McKnight asked. “I think it is about surrender and release. Surrendering to the concept of powerlessness over their chronic disease and realizing that they cannot do it alone.”

Some patients realize that they’ve been living in denial or minimizing their problems.

“Whether that means relying on a higher power, 12-step program or the group process, or help from a professional — not trying to do it by will power alone is key,” she said. “This is actually empowering in a paradoxical sort of way.”

She said people who get to “the point of being willing to do whatever it takes to get and stay clean” usually get involved in self-help meetings.


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