Dealing with Pain in Recovery

You will go through many ups and downs during the course of your sobriety because after all, recovery is synonymous with life and life goes on.  It may be the death of a loved one, or a breakup, or maybe it is the loss of a job you really enjoyed. Inevitably there will be difficult times in your recovery where you feel intense emotional pain.  This is when all the work you have done during the days where “life is good” pays off. Hopefully you have been keeping up on a daily routine to help enlarge your spiritual life. Things like morning and evening prayer, calling your sponsor, making meetings regularly, reading recovery literature, self examination, and talking to sober friends are actions we take everyday in part to have us in the habit of taking action when we really need to, when life is difficult.

When faced with intense emotional pain it is also imperative that you get your feelings out in the open. Don’t think that you can take it on yourself, or that you have to take it on yourself. Be vulnerable and transparent, let your sober supports know what your going through, talk about it with your sponsor, and let your home group know ( you do have a home group, right?).

Draw close to the program when your feeling pain and turn your attention to helping someone else out. This type of action will ensure your sobriety in dark spots that lie ahead.


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