Dealing with the Holidays


In the recovery community, the Holidays are known for being difficult times. During these months, many relapses happen, there is a lot of homesickness, and people tend to get depressed for one reason or another. I was lucky enough to be living in a recovery residence when I first got sober around the Holidays, and thank goodness for that! I found that people were “falling off” left and right around me and I felt sorry for myself because I wouldn’t be with my family during this celebrated time.

Luckily, the community you find in a halfway house often becomes your family, so we celebrated together. I had the support of the staff at my sober living environment and I had women that were walking the same path as I was and feeling a lot of the same feelings that I was feeling. My recovery residence made the time very festive for us, and I was fortunately in a safe place during a challenging time. This was just one more reason I was grateful to have made the decision to live in a recovery residence fresh out of treatment.



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