From Breath to Life

Getting sober hasn’t been a destination or something I have been striving to achieve. For me, it has been all about the journey of discovery. The rooms of AA teach me so much about my disease and are a channel for connection and allowing myself to be seen. For so long all I wanted was to hide and keep my light out.  However, it wasn’t only AA that helped me find the switch.

I had done yoga before getting sober. I watched some videos and thought it was cool but never developed a personal practice. I was surprised to learn that my addiction treatment center offered it and took full advantage while I was there for 30 days. What I learned was that each time I connected with my breath and the movement of my body I would start to feel more and more alive. My inner light and truth began to sparkle.

Once I left addiction treatment and decided to live at a recovery residence there it was again! Yoga was a required activity once a week. I am so very grateful that it was. Lying in bed with a bottle for months had created quite a bit of stiffness that yoga had started to alleviate physically. In addition, the space being on the mat created in my muscles showed up in my emotional and spiritual bodies as well.  Peace had replaced anger in everyday situations such as driving a car or waiting in line at the grocery store. I choose to smile and be present with people who the universe put in my path. Being quiet and focusing inward was no longer a somber death wish.  I had found the light of life that began as flickers evolve into a roaring desire to be alive.

Three years later and I am still sober and continue to have a love affair with yoga.  The combination of working a strong program in AA combined with developing this practice has me not only stay sober; it generously gives me the space to thrive in recovery, which I gratefully receive.


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