Getting Sober at a Young Age

When I arrived at a rehabilitation center I knew my only other option was death, and a tiny part of me didn’t want to die yet. There was a problem though I was twenty years old. At twenty I had been to jails and in out of hospitals all due to my alcohol and drug problem. However I had a really hard time accepting my reality at twenty. My reality was that I could not drink and use drugs if I wanted to be alive. I asked myself what do twenty year olds do other than drink and have fun with their friends? The issue was though that I wasn’t a normal twenty year old I was an addict.

I fought the idea of a halfway house at first. I toured some but knew where I belonged when I visited The Sanctuary. It was beautiful and peaceful. Once i visited The Sanctuary I decided I would give a recovery residence a chance. The decision to go to a recovery residence may have just saved my life. I met a woman who was working there who got sober at twenty and was now twenty-three. Her life seemed like it was so full, interesting, and fun! I thought she was the coolest person I had ever met, and she was sober! Just by living her life she changed mine. I knew that I could have the life she had if I stayed sober. I am now twenty-four and have stayed sober since I entered treatment. Now I am the woman who got sober at twenty and has a full, interesting and fun life! I couldn’t be more grateful for sobriety!


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