Gift of Desperation Results in Addiction Treatment and Recovery Residence

Desperation can be terrifying. It may make you think of being desperate enough to do terrible things in order to continue using. That was the case with me when I was in active addiction. I would go to any length to get what I needed in order to fill that hole inside of me. My last day using, 5 years ago is a day I will never forget. I felt hopeless, completely helpless, full of fear, sadness and anger. I was unable at that point to have real relationships with people. I was desperate for something or someone to help me. The next day I entered addiction treatment and the help arrived. After my time spent in addiction rehab I continued my journey in recovery in a recovery residence. While addiction treatment provided me with the support to start my recovery as well as a strong foundation of what i need to do it was my time spent at the recovery residence where I slowly learned to live my life day by day and sober.

5 years later, sober, happy, and healthy I still think back to those feelings. I keep them very close to me as they give me motivation to continue on with this journey of sobriety. Never forget where you came from or you may not stay!


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