Going to a Halfway House after Drug Rehab

I had been to three different drug rehab facilities and every time I left I yielded the same results with a relapse. Finally on my fourth attempt I knew that something needed to change so history did not repeat itself. Unlike my last attempts at drug rehab on my fourth try I decided to take the advice of my working case manager and discharge planner and go live in a halfway house. While going to a halfway house was not my ideal living situation, looking back it is easy for me to say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The halfway house that I chose to go to was the Sanctuary in Delray Beach Florida. I visited other halfway houses but the Sanctuary in Delray Beach accommodations were the closest to what I was used to. I felt that I would be comfortable at the Sanctuary. It was beyond pristine and had all the bells and whistles that I had become accustomed to having in my everyday life.

After I got to the Sanctuary I realized that it was much more than just beautiful homes. The staff at the Sanctuary was top notch to say the least. There was a staff member on the property twenty four hours a day and they were always willing to talk and discuss with me in regards to whatever issues I was dealing with. Delray Beach is a great place to begin the wonderful journey of sobriety and the Sanctuary was the perfect stepping stone for me to launch myself back into society as a sober, productive and most importantly happy human being.

For anyone that has been to drug rehab or is planning on going I urge you to go to a halfway house upon the completion of drug rehab. For me my journey into sobriety has been two fold. The first phase was detoxification and clearing my head in drug rehab and the second was learning how to live at the Sanctuary in Delray Beach halfway house.


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