Golf Life recovery

Playing golf on a regular basis I have discovered many parallels with life in recovery.

You make a plan and try to execute it perfectly, and it very seldom turns out the way you pictured it.

As a matter of fact sometimes the plan goes to obliteration, BUT it’s just a plan-a shot-a try.

We come to accept the outcome, and learn as best we can from the experience.

I have seen in golf-life-and recovery that perfect is seldom seen, that everyone progresses differently, and if approached with diligence-acceptance-and honesty success is often the end result.

If failure is the result we still have learned, and our journey will continue. If we try to hide from the failures in life, the result is addiction.

Often addicts lose interest in the hobbies that use to bring them great pleasure. Living in a recovery residence helps to create structure in the newly recovering addict’s life and consequently helps individuals to rediscover the hobbies and activities that used to bring them pleasure. It is important to find a balance in recovery from addiction and living in a recovery residence is the perfect place to learn that balance between recovery, work and play.


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