Happy Holidays!

As the Holiday Season approaches it is a wonderful time for us to thank the many people who have allowed the Sanctuary to flourish and help so many throughout 2010.
During the past year the Sanctuary has added to the team a new Resident Manager, Jane Fox, who joins us with many years of experience in the recovery community, as well as a new Men’s Manager, Landon Sessions. We keep up to date in the addiction field with ongoing training throughout the year. All the staff at the Sanctuary is either certified, or working on continuing certification. As always, our focus is gender specific and we are staffed accordingly.

Being part of the Crossroads Foundation found us at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Concert this past July. Needless to say it was exciting to see the Sanctuary banner flying in the Guitar Village. We were also excited to see Sanctuary alumni from the Chicago area visiting our booth.

Our women’s house has continued to grow. Most recently we have added the Cottage, which allows the Sanctuary to have two more beds for women, and we are also adding a lovely pool which will be completed by Christmas. We expect to have our Alumni meetings around the pool in the near future.

The presence of the Sanctuary men and women in the Delray community continues to expand. This past year the Sanctuary clients and staff contributed over 1600 hours of volunteer service, ranging from unloading trucks and service at a soup kitchen, to work done at the Delray Parks and Recreation Department. We are proud of our ongoing contributions and accomplishments to the City of Delray, including continuing to maintain our adopted park.

As in the years past, instead of gifts that are soon put aside we will make a contribution to the local food bank to feed those less fortunate. This is part of our gratitude list.

We thank those who have referred to the Sanctuary, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Again we would like to say, “Thank You,” and we send our best wishes to you and your families. May your holiday season and New Year be filled with good health, joy and peace.

To those who have become part of the Sanctuary family – the light is always on for you!

Happy Holidays,

Nancy Steiner R.N.
Executive Officer


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