Have a Jolly but Sober Holiday Season

In addiction treatment clients learn that in order to stay sober over a long period of time it is necessary to take it “one day at a time”. However there is no denying that some days are harder to get through then others. For many who are in recovery from either drug or alcohol addiction the holiday season is a difficult time that comes with many relapse triggers.

There is no doubt that the holiday season can cause more then normal stress with all of the family, shopping and holiday parties that need to be attended… Lets be honest, while the holiday season is supposed to be fun and something to look forward to many people cant wait for them to be over with.

Whether you are new in recovery or have ten years clean the holiday season can definitely be a major trigger for relapse. It is going to be necessary to remember what relapse prevention tips were learned in both addiction treatment and the sober living houses that you attended. In fact, it may be necessary to lean more on your sober support then you normally do. I personally find myself going to more twelve-step meetings during the holiday season.

As the holiday season is upon us please take care of yourself. Do whatever it takes to get through it sober. Get involved with some service work, take some time to yourself, go to twelve step meetings, call your sponsor, call your sponsee… Whatever you have to do to stay sober do it. For me it has been very helpful to get a speaking engagement at an addiction treatment center or halfway house during the holiday season. In my mind there is nothing more helpful then spending time with the newcomers.

The Sanctuary in Delray Beach, Florida would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and urge everyone to take whatever means necessary to get through it sober.


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