If nothing changes nothing changes

These words resonate with me often when I think about my recovery.  For many years I struggled to obtain sobriety only to slip back into the same old patterns of drinking and drugging.  I thought it was a simple solution– just put down the drink and don’t use.  I thought that was all it took.  What I did not understand was that’s all I did.  I would put down the drink yet continue to hang around the same friends at the same places acting in the same behavior and using the same tools to deal with life.  The result was always the same–wondering why I picked up that drink and was back in the same unmanageable situations.  The truth is if nothing changes nothing changes.   It was only after I was willing to do some work in recovery, such as make meetings, work the steps, incorporate God in my life and get involved with those on the same path that I was able get going on the road to recovery.  I found that taking action helped me to change a lot of the patterns I was stuck in.  Today I am grateful for the changes in my life and ability to not pick up one day at a time.


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