Is Lindsay Lohan’s Recovery On Shaky Ground?

Although Lindsay Lohan recently completed a mandatory ninety day stay in rehab, this does not guarantee she will stay sober. According to US Weekly, Lindsay has been in at least 6 rehabs since 2007. Rehab alone is not enough. Once treatment is completed, it is suggested that serious changes be made to one’s lifestyle. The key suggestions of things to change: everything. It is vital that one have a stable, sober environment to live in, people to be accountable to, and follow up with a recommended treatment plan. Many times, this would include meetings, therapy, and a recovery residence.

A recovery residence is viewed by many as one of the most essential changes needed to protect one’s sobriety. Recovery residences provide structure including: abiding by a curfew, going to mandatory twelve step groups and taking random drug tests. It gives the addict or alcoholic a way to transition back into society. Often times, when one is in active addiction/alcoholism, he or she is living a hectic life that is focused solely on using and drinking and trying to get one more. By making the choice to live in a recovery residence, this shift to a new way of life becomes easier.

If Lindsay Lohan were to have gone to a recovery residence, would this have ensured her to stay clean and sober? No one can say this for sure. Chances are good it could have prevented her from returning to rehab time after time. Having a household of people who are all in the same situation and rules to follow can make the life change of getting clean and sober a whole lot easier.


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