Lamar Odom Publicly Fights with Addiction

lamar-odomWith Lamar Odom’s drug addiction and most recent binge being well documented in the national news “Keeping up with the Kardasians” finally has something real to talk about.

Late last week accomplished NBA basketball star Lamar Odom began what it is reportedly being called a serious binge on drugs. Thus far his drama has ended in a public arrest for driving while intoxicated. Apparently Odom been struggling with addiction on and off for a few years. According to news Odom goes on binges followed by periods of sobriety.  However, addiction is commonly described as a progressive disease and Odom is obviously having a tough time getting a grip on his most recent alcohol and drug binge.

What is it going to take Odom to get and stay sober? If the reports are true in regards to how deep into his addiction Odom is he is definitely going to need professional help. Like anyone else who is unable to get their addiction under control on their own Odom is going to likely need the help and guidance of an addiction treatment center followed by time spent in a recovery residence.


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