Learning Balance in a Halfway House

Prior to moving into a halfway house I had a very difficult time finding balance in my life. This is true for most addicts and alcoholics, because we are used to extremes and we have not had much experience living a life of stability. That’s why living in a halfway house was the best decision I made in early sobriety.

In every halfway house, there are rules that residents must abide by. When these rules were first introduced to me, I was turned off because I did not do well with authority and I was very undisciplined. That’s exactly why I needed the structure enforced at my halfway house.

They taught me the importance of making my bed and keeping my area neat and clean. The halfway house also stressed the importance of going to a meeting every day, building a support group, and working with a sponsor. These were all important lessons that I learned early on that have helped in obtaining long term sobriety, but it didn’t stop there.

Staff at my halfway house led by example and showed me that a twelve step program was needed to live a happy, sober life, but they also expressed the importance of having fun, being a productive member of society, and taking care of myself.

Today, I understand what having balance and stability means. I have prioritized my life in a way that contributes to my wellbeing on a daily basis by harmonizing my social life, work life, program life and family life. I believe that when any of these areas are lacking, I am not as spiritually fit as I could be. I live a healthy and beautiful life today and I owe a good part of that to the structure that was enforced upon me early on in my halfway house.


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