Learning How to “Be” at a Recovery Residence

Addiction treatment centers provide addicts a safe place with professional support to learn how to stop using drugs and drinking alcohol. The time spent away from circumstances of life is essential in creating space between the addicts and the effects drugs and alcohol have on them emotionally and physically. This is necessary due to the harmful health risks and “fog” these substances generate.

The aftercare plan almost always strongly recommends a recovery residence.  Once the drugs and alcohol have been put down it is then time to learn how to live and function in society in order to re-gain self-worth and purpose. This is where the addict learns how to “be.” With the support of therapists, sponsors, and staff at a recovery residence all working together, the resident is provided with the tools and structure necessary to “act their way into thinking.”

Most people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol start from square one when they arrive at a recovery residence.  Even a friendly “hello” at the local coffee shop can be foreign and uncomfortable.  As the resident begins to walk through his or her fears one by one society becomes more familiar and the world seems a little less scary.  Opening up and shifting into an outwardly focused way of being becomes more natural every day.

Recovery thrives in Delray Beach, Florida. The options for recovery residences are endless and the town is located in the sunny southern part of the state.  A strong sense of community combined with a one of the top beaches in Florida, Delray Beach is an ideal place for addicts to leave the isolation of chemical dependency and begin living life one day at a time.


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