Let Out Your Secrets In Recovery Residences and Addiction Treatment

KEEPING-SECRETSI’m not a big fan of all the cliches in the world of recovery. Lets face it though, when you stop and think about it the vast majority of these cliches are more then true. One that I have not seen fail over the years is the saying, “Your secrets will keep you sick”. Time and time again I sit in twelve step meetings and listen to strong and smart individuals speak of there most recent relapse and correlating it to a secret that they had been keeping since they started their journey in recovery. Ultimately that secret had caused the individual to pick up a drink or a drug.

Our pasts and our secrets can be very difficult to share with others. The time to let them out is in addiction treatment and in recovery house’s. These establishments provide an individual in early recovery the structure, guidance and most importantly the support an individual needs to confront their sometimes dark and sad pasts.

If you have the privilege of spending the time in the safe surroundings of a recovery residence or addiction treatment center take advantage of it. Use the resources support at these places to talk about your past, let people in and ultimately lift that weight off your chest. Free yourself, because the truth is when it comes to addiction our secrets will not only keep us sick, they can ultimately kill us.


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