Lindsay Lohan Declines Recovery Residence. If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes

As it has been well documented in the tabloids, Lindsay Lohan has had her troubles with substance abuse. Recently it has been reported that she would be leaving her rehabilitation facility to work on a guest hosting gig on the “Chelsea Lately” show, forgoing her plans to stay in a halfway house. There is no telling whether Ms. Lohan will be able to maintain continuous sobriety this time around; however, if it was suggested she stay in a recovery residence after she left treatment and she decided not to, I would say her chances of staying sober are not as strong as they would be if she decided to follow the suggestions of her addiction treatment center. So much of a substance abusers life is propelled by their own will calling all the shots, and it always seems to land them back in rehab, if they are lucky, because the consequences to substance abuse can be far greater. Going to a recovery residence would signify a shifting in Ms. Lohan’s attitude and show a willingness to go to any length to maintain sobriety.


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