Living these Principles, as if our lives depended on it

the_twelve_stepsI entered into a sober living house in Florida after addiction treatment because my life was not just unmanageable, but seemingly hopeless.  Truth be said, I didn’t necessarily want to abstain from drinking for the rest of my life but I was desperate for anything but the life I was then living.  Once I had admitted I was an alcoholic and began working the principles found in the 12-steps of recovery, it became clear that if I were to remain sober, I would need to incorporate a way of life dictated by these principles.  I realized that it was not a religious program or cult, but that it was a spiritual program that provided a path often leading to long-term, if not indefinite, sobriety.

These principles encapsulate honesty, integrity, dependability, learning to ask for help when needed and helping others who are still in the grips of their addiction.  It is doubtful anyone could argue that these are not commendable qualities and trying to better oneself and to be of service to others is admirable, however for an addict these principles not only better our lives, they save our lives.  When applying them, our everyday problems become bearable, our relationships become sincere and meaningful, and we draw on our higher power for both guidance and strength ultimately leading to a more purposeful life.   We learn that serving others is our best defense against relapse.  It is only in this way we realize we are not only able to live without mind-altering substances, but that we have a life beyond our wildest dreams.



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