Movie Icon Philip Seymour Hoffman Suffers Fatal Relapse

This past weekend the world was shocked to hear the sad news about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It is an unfortunate reminder to those in recovery from addiction that they can never let their guard down and always need to be aware of their surroundings and feelings.

 Hoffman who had been sober for 23 years until recently was very open about his recent struggles with addiction as well as his recent stay in an addiction treatment center. Hoffman stated that he was going to addiction treatment because he was starting to struggle with his addiction again and wanted to nip in the but before it was to late.

 This past weekend’s events is sad reminder that no matter how much time any of us have relapse is always a possibility. The addiction, be it to drugs or alcohol is just waiting for its opportunity to strike again. That is why it is essential to stay in the middle of the twelve-step program, reach out during difficult times and tribulations, and above all be honest with yourself and others.


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