National Sobriety Month Submission for Sanctuary Site

When I sought out help for my alcohol addiction one year ago, I was ready to do anything to achieve immediate relief from the desperate, helpless and demoralizing state my life had spiraled into. It felt like a matter of life or death and at 30 years old, I chose life. And for the past year, I have lived – one day at a time. Recovery has not only given me the chance to live, it has provided me with the inspiration to live a fulfilling, meaningful, growth-oriented life. It has provided me with a 12-Step program that fundamentally has changed the way I know myself and my relation to the world. Achieving and maintaining sobriety has meant far more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol, it has meant learning how to live to the best of my ability with the blessings I have been and continue to be given. Among these blessings has been my three-month residency at The Sanctuary of Delray Beach which is nothing short of a “sanctuary” where people who are committed to achieving sobriety can heal, grow and prepare to transition back into day-to-day life. There is no greater blessing than to see and experience the world through the grateful eyes of recovery. I will celebrate and honor this National Sobriety Month by continuing to gratefully live one day at a time.

A Grateful Female Alumni


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