New Years Eve Triggers For the Addict/Alcoholic

Getting sober is one thing. Staying sober is a completely different story. For this addict and alcoholic most days are relatively easy and come and go with very few cravings. However, for some reason on days like New Years Eve and St. Patrick’s Day the cravings and desire to abuse drugs and alcohol becomes very intense. The reasons to me are obvious, as I know most of the general population is going to be out drinking during those days and many will be drinking to excess like I used to do on a regular basis. To be honest I get jealous.

It’s on holidays like New Years Eve that I often wonder if I could drink like a gentleman. My time spent in addiction treatment taught me that while I may be able to handle having a couple drinks one night it is more then likely that those drinks will eventually open up a can of worms and I will be right back where I started prior to starting my recovery in addiction treatment.

In the halfway house that I attended I learned that it is possible to get through days like New Years Eve and St. Patrick’s Day without the use of alcohol and drugs. Of course the first couple holidays were harder to get through then they are now but even today I treat each holiday season the same. When I was living in the halfway house in Delray Beach, Florida I learned that for me, sobriety came easier if I went to twelve step meetings, did some type of physical activity on a regular basis and worked. On the holidays I know that if I am able to put together a full day prior to the dangerous night time hours then I am going to be to tired to really even want to go out. On New Years the most I’m willing to do is go out to dinner. I haven’t reached the mid night hour on New Years Eve since the days that I lived in a halfway house.

Living in a halfway house proved to be extremely beneficial to me. I was able to apply all the lessons from addiction treatment into the real world and real life situations that are encountered on a daily basis. While addiction treatment was outstanding for my recovery I am very hesitant to say that I would have been able to stay sober for the duration that I have been able to without living under the supervision, guidance and support that I received at the halfway house I attended. Because of that time I am now quite comfortable with dealing with the triggers that come along with New Years Eve and other holidays that go hand in hand with drinking.


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