By Jon Greco

photoThe Sanctuary has a new resident. This one, however, has four legs and was in pretty bad shape when we found him. While our residents were cleaning a park that the Sanctuary adopted, two of the residents spotted a small, stray dog that was in distress and eating garbage. The dog looked as if he had been living on the streets for quite a while. His dirty, flea and tick infested hair, was so overgrown and matted, that it was,

as we found out later, cutting of circulation to his paws, leaving him limping. It covered his eyes to the point that he could hardly see the filthy garbage that lye in front of him. The thought of simply leaving him there never crossed their minds and they picked his filthy body up and carried him to their car.

The dog was in serious need of medical attention. Quickly the guys took him to a vet who had to sedate him to remove the matted fur that was preventing blood from entering his little paws. The vet gave him an exam and luckily there was nothing too seriously wrong with this scared little pup. After a serious heavy duty hair-cut and long, warm flea bath, his rejuvenated body was ready to come to his new home. The Sanctuary is home to many men who are recovering, and our new family member is no exception. Being the guys found him in the park, they named him Parker.

It didn’t take long for Parker to adjust to his new life of luxury. He didn’t hesitate crawling into an oversized doggie bed and playing with his new toys. Overnight, Parker went from eating garbage at the park, to eating organic dog food and treats that made his little mouth water. I, for one, couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional, when I saw this sick dog come back from getting the medical attention he needed and crawling into his new dog bed to take a long awaited nap in safe, loving environment. The Sanctuary residents and staff are thrilled that Parker came into our lives and is healing from the emotional and physical pain that he endured living on the streets, for what the vet said, was at least a couple months. It’s a great feeling to come to work in the morning and see him and his tail wagging, knowing that he was now longer in pain. Parker may not have a sobriety date, but February 25th is the first day of his new life, with a new family, who will love him to death.

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