Practicing Sobriety – AA after Addiction Treatment

There is no doubt that someone who struggles with the disease of alcohol and drug addiction is going to need the assistance of detoxification as well as addiction treatment. Detoxification will address the physiological aspect of addiction while addiction treatment will work with clients on the psychological aspect of addiction.

During Addiction treatment clients will work closely with therapist to discuss and process why they have turned to drugs and alcohol. They will process and work through past issues that may have been causing them to abuse drugs and alcohol. In addition addiction treatment will teach its clients what specific actions they are going to have to take in order to maintain their new found sobriety. Careful aftercare planning will be done with each client. Depending on the client aftercare planning may include outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, twelve step meetings and halfway houses.

While clients in addiction treatment will learn what they have to do in order to stay sober after they leave addiction treatment it is easier said than done. Sober living houses or halfway houses have been a great resource that many who are in early recovery have used to help themselves during their early recovery. Sober living houses help clients to implement the actions into their life that were discussed and taught during addiction treatment. At a sober living house/halfway house clients will begin working with their newfound sponsors on the twelve steps, going to AA or NA meetings as well as start to form the essential sober support that is needed to stay sober. In sober living houses clients will start to actually go through the daily routine that is going to keep them sober when no one else is watching. For many, staying sober is not that hard under the structure of an addiction treatment center. It’s when an addict or alcoholic leaves a structured environment that their sobriety is tested.

While addiction treatment will teach a client what needs to be done to stay sober at a sober living house/halfway house the plan will be put into action. Everyone who is successful at whatever they do are creatures of habit. Think about it. The most successful business men are likely to go through the same routine every day from when they get up to when they go to bed. In recovery, if you talk to those who have achieved long term sobriety they will all tell you the same thing. That they work with sponsors, sponsees, go to support groups and work with others who are in recovery. Recovery is no different than anything else. In order to be successful it has to be practiced. After addiction treatment a sober living house is the place to practice.


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