Put Your Plan Into Action In a Recovery Residence

For an addict, getting sober may be they hardest thing they ever have to do. It often means that they must change many, if not all, aspects of their life. This is extremely difficult for most addicts who have traveled the path of addiction for a good portion of their life. That is why the typical recommendations for recovery involve several phases of treatment plans. It is often advised that someone that abuses drugs or alcohol should attend an inpatient addiction recovery center followed by living in a recovery residence.

In treatment, addicts essentially learn tools on how to stay clean and sober. At a recovery residence, they are able to put this plan into action. Recovery residences allow a safe transition from treatment into the “real world”. The rules implemented in a recovery residence provide an addict with a structured way of living that may be completely new to them.

For example, many recovery residences require beds to be made and areas to be kept clean, they have curfew restrictions, they require residents to attend a certain amount of meetings a week, they ensure that residents get a sponsor, and so on and so forth. At a recovery residence, staff is there every step of the way to help the resident when needed. This is essential as a structured way of living is commonly foreign to the addict in early recovery.

Fortunately, Delray Beach, Florida, the recovery capital of the world has an abundance of options to choose a recovery resident from.. When choosing a recovery residence, it is important that an individual selects one that best suits them, as it is a vital part of learning how to live clean and sober so the addict stands a better chance of achieving long-term sobriety.


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