Recovery Endurance

Recovery EnduranceThere is a certain enthusiasm from coming to a half-way house. The freedom and possibility are almost as intoxicating as the drugs we took. We have a chance to rebuild our lives from scratch. We are different people for the most part. Rules and structure can be a blanket of security.
That being said, recovery is a marathon. No matter the changes we gained, our old self, our demons, are always there. The enthusiasm of our new start falls away at some point and we have to find something within us that will keep us on our path. We need recovery endurance because there are days when we’re tested and without constant vigilance we will fall off. We are incredibly fragile. But every time we fight off our awful disease we gain strength.
Most sponsors suggest the 90 in 90 plan. Meaning going to 90 meetings in 90 days. This is crucial. There are so many recovering addicts that fall away. The statics are flat scary. There are many studies that say doing something for 30 days can make a huge change in your habits and even brain chemistry. Doing 90 in 90 can change your life.
It’s wonderful to be hyped for recovery but that will fall away and we be left with ourselves and faced with and unending marathon. And that’s when it all starts.


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