Rooms of AA

This past weekend I had to travel to the West Coast of Florida for work. It is the middle of a long stretch of work for me without a true day off for 27 days. For whatever reason at this particular work event I started to feel the need to get to an AA meeting. I didn’t feel like I was going to drink but I felt like I needed a safe place to decompress.
For me the rooms of AA have served many purposes. They have helped me get sober, they serve as a place for me to meditate, forget about the stresses of daily life, talk about my current struggles and be around people who really understand me.
The great thing about AA is that it is always around. No matter where I have been if I feel the need to get to a meeting I have been able to find one relatively quick. Whether i’m in the United States or not.
The great thing about AA is that you can take what you want from them. You can go into the rooms and shut off and relax, you can share, you can listen… whatever you need to help out at the time. For the alcoholic in recovery there can be times where there is no safer place to be then the confines of an AA meeting. In many ways, an AA meeting room feels like a piece of home no matter where I go.

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