Sanctuary Alumni Offers Hope

hope copyEarly recovery from drugs and or alcohol isn’t easy. Actually it’s on of the toughest things that I ever overcame! There is hope though, millions have done this, but only with the help of others that have experienced these difficulties themselves. The phenomenon of craving that we feel early on can be overcome if we have trust in our higher power and the belief that others have gotten through this trying time. Early in my recovery it was suggested to me that I surround myself with people in AA that have been around a while and who can help me with the 12 steps. Prayer also helps. I had to stay busy and stay away from the wrong people, places and things that in any way could deter me from sobriety. Lots of AA meetings helps greatly. For me I think the most important tool was asking others for help, especially my sponsor. And most importantly- STAYING OUT OF MY OWN HEAD ! And listening and taking the suggestions that were so freely given to me by my fellow alcoholics that went before me! GOD BLESS and STAY STRONG !!! ¬†CHRIS O.


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