Sanctuary and Crossroads Centre Present Recovery Rocks Alumni Weekend

from the January/February 2008 edition of The Solution News

One year ago The Crossroads at Antigua Foundation, which acts as the foundation for Crossroads Centre, the internationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment center founded by Eric Clapton, added to its continuum of care services through its acquisition of The Sanctuary in Delray Beach, a transitional sober house for men.
Known for its residential chemical dependency program, Crossroads Centre had referred its international clients to various secondary care programs for aftercare services. Trustees of The Crossroads Foundation and Crossroads Centre management had long since recognized that client outcomes are improved the longer individuals remain engaged in the treatment process. For this reason most Crossroads Centre clients continue with some form of transitional sober living services as part of their aftercare program. Crossroads Centre had been fortunate to partner with several high quality aftercare providers, however, both clients and professional partners had repeatedly expressed a desire for an extended care program more closely aligned with that which is offered at Crossroads Centre.

In a very short time The Sanctuary in Delray Beach, founded by Nancy Steiner in 2004 had become recognized as one of the finest transitional sober living homes for men on the east coast. Crossroads Centre had referred steadily to The Sanctuary program since its inception and Trustees of the Foundation felt their approach in helping clients achieve sustained recovery fit well with the Crossroads Centre model.
Founder and Chairman of The Crossroads at Antigua Foundation, Eric Clapton states: “I must admit that when I had the vision for Crossroads Centre I had no idea the far reaching scope that we would come to achieve. Just like my sobriety continues to evolve into something I never could have imagined, so too has Crossroads Centre. I’m very proud of the direction that we are taking to provide the best in international recovery services to persons throughout the world and to do this affordably and with integrity.”
The Sanctuary in Delray Beach is perfectly located in the recovery mecca of Florida’s Palm Beach coast. Delray is one of the nation’s most picturesque seaside villages and more importantly, it is also among the world’s best places to find recovery.
The Sanctuary continues to accept referrals from other treatment sources and will maintain its management and staff. Nancy Steiner, founder and Executive Officer for The Sanctuary comments “We are proud to have be joined forces with the Crossroads Centre. The synergy of this transaction enables us to continue providing the best men’s transitional living for years to come. We feel that this acquisition allows us the opportunity to work with Crossroads Centre and continue to focus on our mission of giving men a safe place to face the challenges of early recovery after treatment.”
The Sanctuary in Delray provides transitional living for up to fifteen men and its property is comprised of three neighborhood homes, two of which are connected by a garden walkway. Services offered include: 24 hour staff supervision, case management and community integration assistance.
In order to celebrate this partnership The Sanctuary in Delray hosted Recovery Rocks a celebration of fellowship and sobriety for the Alumni of Crossroads Centre and The Sanctuary. The event occurred November 9th-11th and was held at The Sanctuary and The Marriott Residence Inn in Delray Beach. On Friday night the attendees were treated to refreshments and live music in the lush garden area. A fire in the fire ring spread a golden glow over the grounds as the sound of the water in the fountain truly reflected the atmosphere of healing and peace The Sanctuary provides. On Saturday at the Marriott four wonderful workshops were presented. The first presented by therapist John Jamieson, Being Sexual on the Rocky Road of Recovery concerned the often discussed but rarely understood issue of sex and intimacy in recovery. John’s openness, wisdom and humor helped the group to form more positive attitudes and to explore their own misconceptions and behaviors in this important area of life.
The second workshop was presented by art therapist Sarah Gentry and was called Creating Passion In Recovery. By using the art therapy medium of collage Sarah help participants develop a clear picture of what they want for the second stage of their recovery. They each created an individual visual picture of their dreams. This was done by cutting out pictures, words and using scissors, glue and paper to create a work of art. The room was alive with the creative energy that this type of activity engenders and at the end each person had a nice picture of their dreams and aspirations. Sarah helped process several of the collages and aside from the cleaning up the mess every one had a great time.
Existential therapist Carl Moss presented Managing Emotions and Attitudes in Recovery . He used his years of experience in using existential therapy as the anecdotal evidence for his belief in “the importance of emotional consistency while experiencing great moments of joy.” In this extremely thought provoking lecture Carl emphasized the importance of being able to present oneself in an authentic human way.
The final workshop was presented by Lori Reyes, MSW who explained breath work as a specific breathing model that clears negative thought patterns, revitalizes the physical body and transforms emotions and mental traumas on the cellular level. Attendees were treated to the unexpected appearance of Sondra Ray who with Leonard Orr discovered the techniques of rebirthing or connected breathing which came to be known as breathwork. Sondra explained the philosophy, psychology and science of this therapeutic practice. She took questions and really delighted the audience with her passion for this healing work.
On Sunday morning a farewell brunch was held giving the attendees, speakers, and volunteers and opportunity to spend some time together before returning home.
This event did much to highlight the unity of the Crossroads Centre/Sanctuary relationship. All who attended left much better off than when they arrived just as both The Sanctuary and Crossroads Centre have become stronger through their new relationship with one and other.

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