Sanctuary Attends Pathways to Wellness Convention

The residents from the women’s house at The Sanctuary attended the Pathways to Wellness convention today in celebration of 2013 National Recovery Month. Treatment centers, recovery newspapers and radio shows, recovery residences, restaurants owned by people in sobriety, and projects such as #NoMoreShame all participated by having booths and giving away free goodies. The “Recovery’s Got Talent” show was a huge hit with singers, dancers, guitar players, and poetry slam galore! The women had a blast!

Each resident had an opportunity to play a leadership role to contribute to today’s success. One resident decorated the booth with colorful butterflies and festive fall leaves, making the Sanctuary booth stand out as the most appealing.  Another resident baked cupcakes for the wellness contest and won first prize, while the resident who made eggplant parmesan won 2nd! In addition to those, another one of our residents won a large gift basket full of salon beauty care products! Overall the day was a huge success and full of fun and laughter in sobriety!


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