Should Marijuana Be Legal?

judge gavelWith the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington state, much has been discussed over the effects that marijuana has on the brain and body.  Many people think that marijuana doesn’t affect the body-instead they believe that it is a “harmless” drug.  However, this is simply not the case.  Much has been studied that over time the affects of marijuana are not only a “gateway drug”, but it does indeed affect the brain and body.  Many people who enter a recovery program for alcohol or other drugs report that they have also used marijuana.  Treatment centers for addiction often state that people have used marijuana in conjunction with other drugs including alcohol.


The side affects of marijuana are:

  • Impaired reaction time and motor skills
  • Impaired coordination
  • Difficulty with thinking and problem solving,
  • Disrupted learning and memory.
  • Increased respiratory problems

 One of the myths surrounding marijuana use is that it is not addictive.  Estimates from research suggest that about 9 percent of users become addicted to marijuana; this number increases among those who start young (to about 17 percent, or 1 in 6) and among people who use marijuana daily (to 25-50 percent). (National Institute of Drug Abuse).

 Marijuana is a harmful drug that affects the brain and the body.  It should not be mistaken for a harmless drug.  Those who have a problem with marijuana use need help.  Finding a recovery center is key to putting an end to marijuana use and to reclaim a healthy and happy life.


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