Sobriety Is Serendipitous

Sobriety-Is-SerendipitousSerendipity is experiencing unforeseen positive benefits and offshoots from taking a certain action. When I first entered recovery all I wanted to do was stop drinking and get away from the pain and insanity of my life. Now that I have some time sober I am beginning to experience so much more than just the obsession to drink being taken away. I am able to live today and enjoy the freedom sobriety has given me. I have renewed lost relationships, I am more open to change and trying new things, I am beginning to explore who I really am. I have become less emotional and more productive. My life has become a journey that I have come to embrace. I can go on and on with the benefits my new life has given me. Webster defines gratitude as a feeling of thankfulness for gifts and benefits received. During my addiction I truly lived to be forgotten because I’d forgotten how to live, if I had only been able to understand how great my life could be without drinking I would have surrendered sooner than I did. I am grateful today for sobriety and truly look forward to more serendipitous discoveries.

~A Grateful Member Of The Recovery Community


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