Taking Action For Relapse Prevention

It’s true that relapse starts long before you pick up a drink or a drug.  I’d be hard pressed to find someone who was working a great program who all of sudden wound up with a drink or drug in their hand. Relapse is a gradual process that can often be traced back to a situation or period of time where someone’s action in his or her recovery started to dwindle. Maybe they were only attending 4 meetings a week compared to every day or calling their sponsor once a week instead of everyday. Maybe a new job or relationship distracted them from staying vigilant about their recovery. Whatever the case may be there are usually warning signs that someone is moving closer to relapse.

 Relapse does not have to be a part of someone’s story. Many people come into twelve step programs and never relapse. One of the most important aspects of avoiding relapse is to take action to ensure your sobriety everyday. Everyone in recovery should have action they take in name of their sobriety. Prayer, meditation, calling ones sponsor, making meetings, reading literature are some things people do on a daily basis to help them stay connected to their program of recovery.

Another important aspect of avoiding relapse is to talk about their desire to want to use. Often people are embarrassed to admit they want to use or they think it will pass and it’s not a big deal, if these thoughts are kept to oneself then no one can help them.  These desires have a lot more power if they are kept in the dark.

 Staying vigilant about the day to day action one takes in their program and informing their support groups about the thoughts one has around relapsing are very critical aspects of relapse prevention.


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