Talking about the Problem Openly

Substance abuse and addiction is an individual disease but deeply affects everyone in the addict’s life in some form or another. Ask any addict’s loved one about how powerless they feel over the other’s addiction and how relieved they are when help is sought, and you will soon learn how painful it can be. But parents in particular are beginning their own fight for their children, for themselves and the community as whole through educational programs. Organizations such as “Straight Talk About Drugs” openly discuss measures that can be taken to prevent children trying drugs to begin with. Parents and professionals interacting with children to teen aged individuals are given the tools to talk openly about the harm drugs inevitably cause and gain support from others going through the same struggle. An increase in literature, workshops and support groups for people involved in addiction or wanting to prevent its onset reflects the increased need and the challenges society presented to children at a very young age, but also offers solutions to influence positive changes.