The Gifts of Sobriety

giftsIt’s easy to look at recovery as some sort of punishment or the end of “fun times”. Some may equate giving up alcohol with the end of a social life, even though the reality of their situation is alcohol brought way more chaos than fun times into their lives. The truth is when living an alcoholic life your world is very small and sobriety can open up the world to you again.

 As your mental and physical faculties begin to awaken you can begin to experience the world again. Your able to show up for your family and loved ones. Maybe you pick up an old hobby you quit because of your drinking, or maybe you find something new that your passionate about. Alcoholics know loneliness like few do, and it’s the experience of recovering alcoholics throughout the world that a sober life is filled with a host of friends.

 You no longer have to worry or stress about the consequences of your drinking. You can regain the trust and respect of those closest to you. Your performance in school and in the workplace is often greatly enhanced, you may find your find those experiences more enjoyable. As you continue on your journey in recovery you may have the opportunity to help other people, to give back freely what has been given to you, you may find that to be the greatest gift of all.

 I guess what I’m trying to say here is that a sober life is not mundane and boring. The gifts can be infinite. Allow yourself to re-experience life as you once knew. Keep an open mind and I’m sure you’ll experience this full life as well.


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